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The Fundamental Force
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The electricity found in sparks, thunder, and supernova explosions is a prominent example of primary energetic (exclusive) forces, which by virtue of the wave formation create everything.

Faraday’s beautiful experiment showed that these two — ostensibly different — forces are essentially one (adjacent picture). Waving a magnet over a closed, helical wire formation without actually coming into physical contact with the magnet induces an electric flow. This proves that energetic matter is virtual (but not in the sense that it is nothing). Moreover, it shows that magnetic and electric matter are in fact the same single matter. It is commonly known that impotent magnets can be revitalized by rubbing. In other words, by adding energy we can resurrect the magnetic force.

Strong forces
The powerful atomic force is also engendered by the energetic loop. It preserves the link between the two protons, as seen in the following picture of the helium atom. Neutrons divide the atomic confluence, while the energetic matter is charged with uniting the elements (pictures below).

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