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The Fundamental Force
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Wave theory offers a coherent explanation for all the presumed fundamental forces (electromagnetism, gravitation, as well as strong and weak nuclear forces): energetic matter — shrinking energetic space and time — is the one principal force that created the universe and everything else! Colleagues have urged me to provide an exact definition of energetic matter. Initially, my research on this matter had me leaning towards a deep circle solution. However, I realized at an early stage that this is not the final circle. The notion that the universe is comprised of more circles appears to be the only viable explanation for how such an ingenious formation ostensibly appeared and appears out of the blue. In fact, I readily admit that the details are beyond my abilities, and I thus leave this epic task to the next generations. Nevertheless, at this stage I propose the following equation:

Energetic matter = energetic shrinking space and time

This formula may appear to be straightforward, but in fact it represents an extremely sophisticated virtual formation that paves the way for novel research (picture below).

Michael Faraday (1791-1867) sketched a map that outlines the location of lines in an electric field (lines of force). The lines are always inclined towards the negative charges (inside) and away from the positive charges (pictures below), exactly as postulated by wave theory!

The pushing and pulling forces that are created by energetic matter constitute the two primary fundamental forces of nature. Changes that take place in the relative position of energy along a path, between a wave formation’s energetic and magnetic loops, are what determine the particular force and phase transition. For example, formations with large energetic loops (like dark matter) are in a high-energy phase. Inversely, our moon, which loses its energetic matter and is configured in a cold (low-energy) magnetic formation, is relatively small (as it contains smaller energetic loops). Therefore, it has stronger gravitation and less energetic space.

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