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The Fundamental Force
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The final force is gravitation, which similarly derives from the magnetic/gravitational loop (pictures below).

Energetic matter that flows along its energetic path faces towards the inside of the loop as does its helical loops (see picture). The energy accumulates inside and provides it with the force to pull itself to the inside of the loop (swirl). This accumulation is also responsible for the parabolic path on which the energy flows towards the inside. Consequently, the gravitational flow also follows a parabolic path. Furthermore, the force of gravity is stronger the closer it gets to the formation, and its radius depends on its energetic loop.

Wave theory, then, claims that every energetic formation belongs to a particular path. For example, each of the planets permanently rotates around the sun along their own, specific energetic path.


Every energetic path creates forces that depend on the orientation of the particular wave. Other forces, which I refer to as signals, constantly maintain the unity of the universe. The signals remain a mystery and are not included among the principal forces, despite the fact that they derive from energetic matter. Wave formations, both large and small, are rigid stable formations that are guided by their own forces and rules. The universe is not a chaotic realm. As Einstein put it, “God does not play dice.” Nevertheless, energetic matter is a living vibrant entity that is subject to occasional change, but it always returns to abide by the same rules.

Gravitation, which is active only along the magnetic path, is similarly mutable. Its degree of flexibility is subject to the incessant competition between energetic and magnetic forces in the loops (superposition).

The different available combinations within the wave formation allow for the existence of different energetic paths and consequently different forces within the paths, which are created exclusively by the one main force — energetic matter. Wave theory’s sophisticated solution of matter aligned as a wave formation is beyond our wildest imagination! An understanding of our universe necessitates a keen eye for the hints that exist throughout nature. These very skills also guided the observations of such luminaries as Copernicus and Darwin. While I am confident that the swirling and spinning path of energetic matter is aligned as a wave formation, it nevertheless remains a mysterious virtual formation.

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