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The Fundamental Force
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After the Big Bang and other similar events, energetic matter expands in the form of spark-like energetic paths (quarks) and by dint of their energetic paths and swirling properties (pictures below) form wave formations.

The swirling and spinning motion creates circular formations. To finish constructing the wave, the energetic matter must complete two semi-circular rounds. The figures are executed perpendicular to each other, and their energetic paths are in a state of superposition.

The closed formation allows the energetic matter to move along closed energetic paths and maintain its energetic matter. It creates two internal swirls (vortices), which are neither identical nor symmetrical. In other words, the same type of energetic matter that moves along a common path that is shared by both swirls within a particular wave formation. Nevertheless, the swirls do not contain equal amounts of energy even in units with the same amount of space.

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