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Auroras are Gravitational Waves:
the Realization of Einstein's Dream
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An energetic path dispersing its energy

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A wave formation protecting its energetic space.
These energetic paths create a closed wave formations.

The energetic activities on earth resemble the prominences that shoot out of the surface of the sun, except that the activities on earth transpire on a considerably smaller scale. The rays of the aurora that decorate our skies stem from the interaction between the earth’s atmospheric atoms and solar winds. A magnetic prominence expels energetic matter in the form of waves (magnetic loops) that release photons (magnetic waves). These photons come in many different sizes, and it is this variety of wave lengths that is responsible for the vast spectrum of colors generated by auroras. Moreover, this broad range is indicative of the manifold energetic concentrations from which radiation derives. The waves near the earth are quite small, but visible. Like solar prominences, the size of the wave is a product of their energetic concentrations, and we can think of auroras as earthly prominences.

Photons that are emitted from these magnetic waves have wave lengths that are within the threshold limit of human sight and are thus also quantifiable. Wave length and their colors correspond to the energetic activities and concentration of energy that define a particular area. Consequently, the most spectacular auroras appear at the polar edges, as these areas contain the greatest concentrations of magnetic matter.

Despite our limited sensory skills, there is little doubt that some of the auroras reach epic proportions, and are thus invisible (beyond the human receptive range). For example, the magnetic loop of the lunar wave — the path on which the moon orbits our planet — constitutes one of the prominences of the earth and is found on many other planet as well. Moreover, these grand, yet invisible, magnetic (energetic) waves are extant throughout the universe and are referred to as dark matter.


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