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Auroras are Gravitational Waves:
the Realization of Einstein's Dream
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The promising research areas of electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) utilize the waves that are emitted by the human brain and heart, respectively. These waves operate according to the same principles cited above. By tracking the wave patterns of healthy individuals, physicians can pinpoint potential problems long before they pose a threat to their patients. I believe that in the near future, physicians will be able to diagnose diseases by analyzing magnetic waves, even on the cellular level. For instance, even an examination of a single ill cell, or a group of molecules (composed of vast amounts of atoms), will suffice to determine the presence of cancer or other diseases.

To follow is a set of pictures that depict the close similarities between the energetic activities of the sun and earth. The sun and the earth possess similar energetic gravitational waves that are involved in the same basic activities. All the pictures below are courtesy of NASA and its subsidiary organizations.

Solar Prominences

Solar prominences to the left and auroras to the right:


Click to enlarge; NASA

The wave formation of a solar prominence: magnetic loop in blue and the energetic in red.
Auroras are the earth’s magnetic loops.




The red signifies the energetic-magnetic, ascending path and the blue is the descending path.

Click to enlarge; NASA

The energetic matter is thicker and takes up the entire loop.


Click to enlarge; NASA


Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

The magnetic loops of gravitational waves


Loops are aligned in manifold formations

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