Chapter 1 - Introduction to Wave Theory
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These beautiful pictures from nature are the inspiration for a solution for which we have searched many years. We know that the laws that govern large objects also apply to small objects and vice versa, allowing for different energy phases. In different phases, there seem to be some changes of behaviour, but generally the laws of energetic matter are the same for all formations.

The beauty of nature (matter) is that the same formation can occur in different ways. It is very important that nature have different opportunities and possibilities to create similar formations, and similar ways to create different formations.

With the aid of telescopes, we see different kinds of galaxies. Young ones have a great deal of energy, look more homogeneous, have oval-round disc shapes and two outstretched arms that seem to come in contact with dark space (matter) (see picture, right). As every structure in the universe has a function, we must look at these arms to discover their role. The fact that young galaxies exist indicates that they appear (are created) all the time.

Older galaxies have greater dark rings between light rings. Those dark spaces are not empty, but filled with invisible matter connecting the shining rings, so that the waves rotate as one rigid object (picture, right).

There are also “ghost” galaxies, which consist of energetic spaces that can hardly be seen.

Not all galaxies share the same level of energetic activity. The level of activity varies depending on the proportion between dark and visible rings - the age of the galaxy. It seems that galaxies and stars are in contact with their neighbours because they maintain stable distances and rotate in their own energetic paths in the same direction as other galaxies.

The formations are always in proportional distance from other galaxies and the universe. Invisible matter keeps the galaxies together and also separates them. The area of a galaxy extends beyond its visible borders and is in contact with other galaxies (waves).

In some galaxies, their edges disappear into space, blending into invisible dark matter. In dark spaces, shining objects sometime appear, indicating that dark matter can transform from one form to another, that it is active space.

Because galaxies and stars go round in their stable paths and are in connection with one another, there is no chaos. Every object has its own place and energy level; each is changeable at any given moment, but kept in its energetic path by the tension of its energetic interchange with its neighbours.

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