Chapter 1 - Introduction to Wave Theory
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When two energetic formations are placed with their poles in opposing (N/S and S/N) positions, their magnetic properties attract each other, and they should be pulled together. Their energetic fields, however, flowing in opposing directions keep them apart, as is shown in the leftmost illustration in the picture below. When the formations are placed with their poles in N/N and S/S positions, their magnetic properties repel each other. Their energetic fields, now flowing in the same direction, “wrap up” the formations and keep them together (picture below, righthand side). These two forces are the most important in nature and continuously influence objects; when one pushes, the second pulls and vice versa. This competition is an ingenious creation of matter – the creation of different directions from the same current by electromagnetic paths (see the chapter about photons). As mentioned earlier, these two forces, arising from an energetic current, are indissoluble and in continuous competition.

The behaviour of waves is directly related to their energy levels and phases. Gravity will be discussed in later chapters.

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