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Gravitation — a Pushing Force
An active, pushing unidirectional force
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Black holes are essentially condensed accumulations of energetic matter (see the picture to our left). We are accustomed to the idea that huge black holes are only found in the center of the galaxy, but in fact they exist in every formation in the universe and obviously come in an extraordinary array of sizes. The source of every black hole is the swirling condensation of energetic matter. The prominence then returns as a magnetic path to the energetic swirl and pushes everything it comes across inside the wave formation, by dint of its swirling behavior.

Prominences also come in various sizes, but they all form a closed formation. In other words, this form of gravitation exists on different levels, and derives from its source. Consequently, manifold waves exist at various gravitational levels — namely, different sized prominences — some of which are referred to as energy belts.

Gravitational loops in diverse sizes; NASA


Occasionally, the spinning movement of the loops engenders a prominence with a formation that is identical to its progenitor’s.


Solar Prominences

The earth similarly contains various levels of gravitational waves. For instance, the moon orbits along one of the many gravitational belts that circle the earth. Incidentally, the moon was created during the earth’s incipiency, just as the latter was created when the sun was still young.

The sun, the solar system, and the earth’s system

All stars and planets similarly exert their own gravitation via “wave prominences” that are expelled from their surface and adhere to the same principles cited above. The ascending and descending arms create gravitational borders, and each prominence (wave) reaches its maximum height. However, every planet possesses different levels of wave prominences, and the apexes similarly vary according to the energetic activity of their particular planet. Consequently, every celestial formation operates on a particular wave length through its magnetic loop. The level of gravitation is entirely dependent on the particular phase transition of the energetic waves, which adhere to the indelible laws of nature. Moreover, these levels serve as the specific entity’s gravitational field, as the prominences that have been spotted by NASA possess observable and limited gravitational borders.

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