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Gravitation — a Pushing Force
An active, pushing unidirectional force
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In his famous experiment involving magnetic bars and wires, Michael Faraday clearly proved that magnetic matter and energetic matter corroborate and that both entities advance in the same exclusive direction.

Changing the direction of the magnet alters the flow of electricity. Matter moves in but one direction and its functionality is strictly dependent on the interaction between its two loops. Faraday’s experiment, which assumes an even greater significance according to wave theory, proves that only one form of matter exists and that its flow produces both an electric and magnetic form of this same energetic matter. Moreover, Faraday showed that only a change in the configuration of energetic matter can alter its behavior. However, the electric and magnetic flows are always connected perpendicularly regardless of the direction of either current.

Field lines connecting positively and negatively charged points. There are only pushing forces; consequently, the positive charges are dispersed and the negative charges contract.

Nature thus points to but one unidirectional force. Although gravitation is widely perceived to be a pulling force, there is absolutely no evidence backing this claim. On the other hand, many observations have verified the existence of a pushing force that results from the advancing, swirling movement of energetic matter. The configuration of the energetic path in a magnetic swirl enables the magnetic swirl to push the energetic matter into the swirl, and the latter then pushes in everything in its vicinity by dint of its spinning and swirling movement. Moreover, the spinning and swirling regulates the pace in which the energy is propagated so that the energy does not jettison straight out into space. This process, then, maintains the energy and preserves the structure of the wave formation. It constitutes the only feasible framework (as exhibited in Faraday’s experiments) for the behavior of energetic matter.

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Propagation of energetic matter in a closed formation.

This evidence shows that, since the Big Bang, a single form of energetic matter has expanded in a pushing, spinning and swirling mode and creates vortices.

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