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Gravitation — a Pushing Force
An active, pushing unidirectional force
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Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to go through many of the astronomical pictures taken over the past few decades by NASA and other organizations. I suddenly came across a picture that vindicates my fifty year quest to comprehend the behavior of our universe.

The two photos above — taken by SOHO’s SMM satellite in 1980 — depict the
“solar limb,” as described by Michael Rycroft 1, “and a prominence observed on 17 March 1980 by the ultraviolet polar meter and spectrometer (UVSP) on the SMM satellite. The phenomenon observed in the CIV line, at a temperature of 100,000 degrees Kelvin is shown in [the picture to the left. The adjacent picture] shows the velocity of plasma in the solar prominence, with ascending velocities in red and descending velocities in blue.” The ascending portion in red constitutes the energetic arm, while the blue represents the magnetic path. These pictures thus verify and vindicate my theory. Ironically, these prized pictures, which I have desperately sought for over fifty years, were taken some twenty-three years ago.

Various energetic activities in the sun cause manifold pushing prominences. These prominences are configured into parabolic formations. The energetic matter forms both ascending and descending arms. The sudden shift of the energetic behavior is underscored by the change in the colors of the arms. The arches that form the prominence draw the classical forward movement of energetic matter: the configuration of energetic matter into the wave packages of an energetic path. The Wave prominenceenergetic ascent (in red) pushes upward by dint of its own spiraling and swirling movement (also see the pictures of prominences to the right and those provided below). Due to the fact that its movement is dictated by its swirling, mercurial energetic matter, upon reaching its apex the prominence creates a swirl, reverses its direction, and returns to its source via an indirect route,. At this juncture of the path, it adopts magnetic properties and everything that it encounters is subsequently pushed inside the loop. The descending arm returns to the wave formation and reverts to its own, appropriate swirl size. If the prominence had been pulled back, it would have preserved its color and maintained its spinning motion. The changes from red to blue indicate that the sudden about face is the result of the energetic matter’s own active movement, which also pushes along everything in its vicinity into the sun.

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