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Gravitation — a Pushing Force
An active, pushing unidirectional force
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The most concentrated point of energetic matter is referred to as either a plasma formation or black hole. I reiterate that condensation is not the product of sucking/ pulling properties. The energetic space that spins and swirls towards the black hole’s concentrated center merely gives off the illusion that it is being sucked or pulled. It is formed exclusively by the pushing of condensed energetic space and by virtue of its spinning and swirling movement (picture below). Subsequently, this concentration of energy is released into space (and out of the formation) via singularity in the form of an energetic path. In my earlier works, I stated that gravitation was the result of pulling exerted by magnetic swirls. However, the more photos of the sky and cosmos that I come across, the more I become convinced that there is only one force that is assisted by the magnetic swirl of wave formations.

In the magnetic loop, the energetic matter faces to the inside of the swirl, while in the energetic loop, the energetic matter faces (pushes) towards the outside. In any event, there is only evidence of a pushing force (pictures below).

Gravitation can thus be described as the pushing of everything into a swirl. In fact, the potency of the magnetic-gravitational swirl depends on the size of the radius and the amount of energy in its loops. In the chapter on photons, I provide a detailed account of the behavior of energetic waves. This entire matter can be translated into a rather simple formula, the equation of gravitation:

G =
Energetic Matter

According to this equation, condensed energetic matter is always in a state of superposition regardless of the energetic and magnetic properties that exist in a particular space. Only the relative proportion between these properties determines the amount of gravity that is exerted by a particular unit of energetic matter in a specific continuum.


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Sun Spot

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