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Gravitation — a Pushing Force
An active, pushing unidirectional force
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The pictures below affords us with a wonderful example of the vibrant movement of rapidly expanding energetic matter since the Big Bang.

Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

Click to enlarge; NASA

Energetic matter clearly moves forward as it spins, swirls, and creates new vortices.

Wave theory — and especially its approach to gravitation — is thus a revolution in human consciousness, similar to the breakthroughs of Copernicus and Galileo some 450 years ago. Wave theory marks the first time that these ideas are elucidated. Every phenomena and entity known to mankind is aligned in a wave formation. Therefore, gravitation must also be the product of mobile energetic matter that pushes anything in its vicinity to the interior of a wave formation’s magnetic loop.

Only one unidirectional force exists in nature, which proceeds along its own, energetically-produced path and creates everything in the universe. Consequently, gravitation must be a pushing force.

These revolutionary ideas debunk our entire conception of the universe (it even seems unnatural not to use words such as draw or pull in this context), but it does not necessitate a revision of any of the major conventions on the composition of matter, nor does it alter any of the accepted mathematical models. In fact, the opposite is the case: the notion that energetic matter has moved in only one direction since the Big Bang solves the conundrum of gravitation in a manner that is compatible with both Einstein and Hubble’s constants. Furthermore, energetic matter expands by means of its swirling and spinning, yet the propagation is always constrained by the borders of the closed wave formation.

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