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Gravitation — a Pushing Force
An active, pushing unidirectional force
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As Einstein suggested, the universe can be thought of as a large network in which everything is connected via the gravitational loops of its wave formations. The universe itself is a wave formation in which every energetic formation proceeds along its own path yet all in the same forward direction. Moreover, each formation is powered by its own vibrant energetic activity. Therefore, everything is aligned into wave formations and every formation is in contact with the formations in its particular region. Gravitational waves only impact formations with the appropriate dimensions and properties, and they do not react to waves/energetic paths that are extrinsic to their particular network. Humans, thus, only correspond with the planet’s appropriate waves, which for the most part are smaller waves in which the magnetic loop has gained the ascendancy.

Magnetic loops are constantly attempting to prevent the energetic loops from escaping and dispersing into space. Our universe thus operates according to a hierarchy in which larger formations reign over the small.

All planets are living, active energetic matter that progress as a result of their own exertions. They do not simply float about in the galactic sea like a raft lost at sea. Jupiter, for example, advances along its own orbit (energetic path) as do its satellites, and other planets ignore the signals and forces that derive from Jupiter’s path. Every planet thus resembles the aforementioned, fundamental energetic packets of the atom, which adhere solely to their own orbits — magnetic loops. In other words, they only respond to the edicts of the wave formations that comprise their own system.

This ingeniously efficient framework, however, does not carry on forever. Energy constantly escapes and eventually every wave formation disbands. Many senior citizens, for example, lose their energy and have difficulties moving about or even standing. A state of energetic balance ordinarily exists between an entity’s “energy” and “magnetism” (which Schrödinger termed superposition). However, as the body loses energy, its gravitational properties gain prominence. If we were able to supplement the amount of energy at our disposal (and the rest of our systems were functioning properly), the force with which we are pushed (not pulled) to the earth would be countered to some extent. Consequently, it is evident that the proportion between energetic and magnetic matter in a wave formation determines its gravitational behavior.

When a space shuttle proceeds at a uniform speed, only the application of active energy can affect the gravitational forces that it is subjected to. People inside a space shuttle or an elevator feel the change in gravity that results from an increase in the amount of energy (pushing) that is applied to the apparatus, which will also accelerate its speed. Einstein intuition was correct!

Energetic matter is perpetually active. All its motion is oriented forward along its energetic path where it comes into contact with neighboring energetic paths that derive from its original path and have altered their configuration. Newton’s ingenious equation proves that some force causes energetic formations to fall due to the acceleration of their constant speed. We have established that there is but one force in nature, so that the acceleration must also be a manifestation of the same pushing force. Consequently, the medium of gravitation constantly exerts force — pushing other entities — in order to maintain itself. It is indeed a “living,” active force that is potentiated by its forward movement to constantly push everything it encounters. Therefore it is vibrant and subject to the vicissitudes of all life forms and is not merely an arithmetic equation. Therefore, we cannot expect it to regularly conform to a precise mode of action.

Gravitation exists wherever there is concentrated energetic space. Its exceedingly contracting space thus resembles an upside-down pyramid. The whirlpool is a classical example of the behavior of energetic matter. Its condensed energetic space pushes matter to the inside of its formation. When experienced swimmers encounter a whirlpool, they attempt to scrunch their bodies into a ball and allow the swirl to take them down. Eventually, the whirlpool will peter out, and they will be thrown back to the surface.

The swirl is a potent energy source. Energy in its vicinity accumulates and forms an energetic swirl that releases energy from its singularity and creates an energetic path that moves in the opposite direction. Consequently, gravitation constitutes a pushing, magnetic half wave, which absolutely does not pull!

If a thick board were to be inserted on top of an object caught in an energetic swirl (such as the aforementioned whirlpool), the lower half of the swirl would be cut off from the wider top and would be markedly weakened. Meanwhile, the upper portion would continue to swirl robustly and expand. If gravitation was, indeed, a pulling force, then the upper portion of the swirl would have been neutralized by the board, as it would have been cut off from the force that was ostensibly pushing it down.

Due to the fact that space gradually condenses, every particular point that comes across a specific “gravitational” swirl is subject to a different degree of force. For example, the bottom-center of a bowl of soup is always the hottest (and most energetic) point, while the upper edges are the coldest. This is merely indicative of the narrowing pattern — the aforementioned upside-down pyramid — by which gravitation advances.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity predicted the existence of gravitational waves, or what is more commonly referred to as radiation. Wave theory contends that these formations are magnetic waves that stem from magnetic loops. Like any other wave formation, these waves are the product of pushing, energetic behavior, as the only force throughout the universe is a perpetually-active, unidirectional pushing force. It then stands to reason that the flow of energy along galactic arms/paths must be unidirectional, even in close proximity to black holes. If there was a pulling force, all the arms would lead into the center of the galaxy — the black hole — but NASA’s photos clearly show that one arm propels energy towards the black hole, while the second leads out of the black hole.

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