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Gravitation — a Pushing Force
An active, pushing unidirectional force
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At the nascency of our solar system, all its matter was aligned into one, energetic disc-like formation. Thereafter, it gradually lost energetic matter and the condensed magnetic matter shrunk into what formed the sun and planets. Despite the separation of the planets from the sun the magnetic paths remained in place, which enables the planets to orbit, and maintain their contact with, the sun. Apparently, every path in our solar system is somehow linked to the activities of the sun’s interior layers. Moreover, every star belongs to a similar order: galactic constellations. All energetic formations, including the sun, thus possess a number of energetic paths and gravitational-energetic rings.

As emphasized above, only one force exists along with a single form of energetic matter that moves forward and creates closed formations. By virtue of its spinning and swirling propagation, each formation contains both an energetic and magnetic path (see the adjacent picture of the sun and the planetary loop). The earth’s gravitational path (loops), for example, maintains or pushes everything to the inside of its swirling formation, and our solar system similarly keeps the earth within its framework. The energetic path of each planet’s space is quite expansive, and it is difficult to pinpoint its exact borders, as they tend to intermingle with other paths and entities. Nevertheless, every energetic formation only responds to certain waves with appropriate energetic properties. For example, every planet obviously communicates with its own path/loop.

The same types of energetic activities are constantly transpiring within the earth and energy is subsequently released in the form of gravitational waves, or what is referred to as auroras. Due to the energetic matter that has gradually been lost in manifold ways, the earth is currently more magnetic than energetic.

Consequently, we are surrounded by gravitational forces, and the amount of energy that energetic matter needs to escape the gravitational field is dependent on the balance between the energetic and magnetic loops. It is obviously more difficult for energy to extricate itself from a wave formation in which the magnetic loop contains more energy than the electric loop. For example, the earth is more “gravitational” than the sun.

The same principles apply to atomic structures as well (please see the article on atoms). All atoms are endowed with three energetic packages (quarks) that resemble the planetary paths found throughout the universe. These paths similarly proceed along energetic paths, adhering to the same laws that guide every energetic formation, both minute and colossal. Einstein and Planck’s theories have thus finally been unified!

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