Chapter 2 - Wave Theory and Photons
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In 1862, James Clerk Maxwell used a mathematical equation to describe how energy could be propagated through space in the form of vibrating electric and magnetic fields (picture below). It seems that the propagation of photons and energetic signals (changes of energetic activity) occurs mainly by the vibration of energetic matter.

The famous experiments of Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday in 1881 showed that a magnet moving in a coil creates energetic movement (picture below) . The change in the flow of energetic matter from the perpendicular to the transverse space causes the “metamorphosis” of the behaviour of matter into other behaviours.

Energetic matter must be transmitted between the two bodies along well-organized invisible paths (picture below), because the alternate behaviours and formations are always repeated.

As we have said above, one loop has energetic properties and the second probably has magnetic properties. We may assume that basic electro-magnetic matter is probably only a swirl of energetic matter that by its movement creates, in one formation, two sibling loops, containing different properties. Perhaps, electro-magnetic matter (waves) composes everything. Galaxies create stars, stars create atoms and atoms create molecules that create all the structures we know. Energetic matter creates everything.

Einstein’s equation E=mc2 is well known. The equation can also be stated as M=e/c2, indicating that there is no difference between matter and energy.

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