Chapter 2 - Wave Theory and Photons
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The following picture shows a young and an older galaxy.

The next illustration presents energetic and magnetic rings that fade into dark matter rings.

The picture below compares a young and old galaxy. Note that the old galaxy has a lot of dark spaces.

The overlapping rings in Young’s experiment form more clearly visible enlarged rings in new formations on another energy level. This seems to indicate that if light rings overlap and enlarge each other, then dark rings also overlap and enlarge each other, and that dark rings (spaces) are not empty space. Using interference, we see that the proportions of dark and light spaces vary from object to object, indicating different proportions of energetic matter between energetic and magnetic rings. Every object has its characteristic proportions and, therefore, different energy levels. The proportions of energetic to magnetic matter in an object’s wave of the same temperature (phase) are stable. By changing temperature or phase, the proportion between energetic and magnetic matter in the loops changes. A small change causes the wave to behave differently; a larger alters the wave’s nature.

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