Chapter 2 - Wave Theory and Photons
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In Young’s experiment, we have two kinds of loops overlaying one another, so that on the screen we obtain light and dark rings, as well as loops of visible magnetic matter and of energetic matter. Using very precise instrumentation, we may be able to prove this. The following picture shows that every formation has two loops.

Podolsky, Rozin and Einstein’s experiment demonstrates that the velocity of signals (energy) in a light stream exceeds the velocity of light.

From the structure of a light stream (wave theory), we see that the direction of light depends on its source, on the bodies it encounters that redirect its stream, and on the energetic loops in a transverse position to the direction of its stream. Magnetic loops, perpendicular to the direction of the stream, separate energetic loops and transfer energetic matter between them. They also maintain the wave’s structure and its connections to other waves. Magnetic loops have energetic matter, like a corona of energy surrounding them and in confluence with neighbouring loops, which transfer signals instantly from photon to photon. Magnetic matter does not transfer the energetic matter it contains. Perhaps magnetic (dark?) matter comes into contact with other matter by energetic signals resembling vibrations. Magnetic matter is connected as one space; thus, signals pass through it instantly in all directions, faster than the velocity of light.

The fact that photons cannot exceed light velocity indicates that some kind of energetic matter in space does not allow the two loops to exceed their own velocity (see picture, below). This invisible matter surrounds us. We may theorize that it maintains all energetic creations in the universe as one entity, with their respective phases.

Although photons are united in what we see as a continuous light stream, they are individual wave particles, maintaining themselves by internal paths. With neighbouring photons, every loop creates an a (alpha)-like structure (picture, below), lending each photon a more stable formation. The binding of photons between light streams occurs between magnetic loops. Energetic streams move in opposite directions, which does not strengthen the connection. This is the reason that light streams scatter easily and change the direction of light to the opposite direction (180°). Within each stream, however, the connections are between energetic loops, creating a strong “energetic rope”, which preserves the integrity and direction of individual streams.

We can conclude that interference disturbs a photon’s connections and structure; one loop overlaps and enlarges another. Crests are caused by shining magnetic matter that overlaps; troughs are formed by overlapping dark matter that does not shine. This structure resembles a picture of a cosmic wave; as we create this structure through experiments, we may infer that a galactic wave is in another phase.

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