Chapter 2 - Wave Theory and Photons
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Like photons, hydrogen atoms border between being waves or particles. For a better understanding of the behaviour of energetic matter, let us look at how photons are connected in a light stream (picture below). Energetic matter currents flow from a photon to its neighbour, with the assistance of energetic and magnetic loops. Magnetic loops alternate with energetic loops. Energy does not pass directly from one energetic loop to another, in a continuous flow, but passes from an energetic ring to a magnetic ring perpendicular to it. In a light stream, energetic streams have relatively different directions of flow as do magnetic loops.

An energetic path has no clear borders, which helps to transfer signals to neighbouring energetic streams (loops) (picture above) and results in a light stream with a uniform energetic level, information (genes) and time. These are all energetic matter properties and behaviours and are beyond our understanding. A change in the properties of the source of the light stream will result in a change in the energetic level, information (genes) and time of the light stream (picture below).

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