Chapter 2 - Wave Theory and Photons
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Interference experiments also lead us to conclude that dark spaces are filled with energetic and magnetic matter because overlapping rings enlarge these spaces. Empty spaces cannot overlap, enlarge themselves or push away shining rings without being filled with something else. Together, rings of invisible matter and shining rings create electro-magnetic waves. Perpendicular loops create troughs; transverse loops create crests.

I would now like to return to the photon’s structure. All research, including astronomy, indicates that a photon’s two loops are not exactly symmetrical, and that their energy currents are not in the same form (picture below). The energetic loop is more extraverse and has a tendency to expand. The magnetic loop is smaller, more intraverse, and has a tendency to hold energetic matter.

In astronomical observations, we see different wave structures, indicating that the waves are in different stages of existence, but in the same phase. Some waves contain two big energetic swirls; in other photographs, two swirls, connected by energetic paths, form a wave. These are two different formations of the same energetic matter that are connected by the same energetic matter as well (picture to the right). This means that galaxies have two different loops connected by energetic paths and, we may imagine, resemble a photon formation of two loops in one wave. A big wave in space looks like the photons with overlapping loops in Young’s interference experiment and contain the highest energy concentration in the centre of the galaxy.

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