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Young's Double Slit Experiment


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Wave theory, Dr. Tejman Chaim Henry


Many scientists have asked me to back up Wave Theory with proof, and there is no better proof than Young's ingenious double-slit experiment, a phenomenon that is explained exactly by Wave Theory.

  As shown in pictures from NASA primarily the Hubble Telescope,

explain the behavior of energetic matter in a simple manner.

Fig. 1,2: Movement of Energetic Matter within it's self made path

Since a small amount of energetic matter can not form a stable wave  formation, energetic matter dispersed to space as small wave formations.

 nasa12      p9

Another picture from NASA shows the same process with my explanation in the right side.

 nasa13 p4    

Fig 3-6: Depict the movement and dispersion of Energetic Matter

In the pictures above, energetic matter is dispersed because wave formation (stable quant) cannot form. A single photon disperses immediately, but here dispersed energetic paths, can cross neighboring energetic paths and form high energetic waves. That is the reason that it is hard to detect a single photon, but the interference of a photon s detectable.


Light, which propagates in bundles, is highly energetic.but not disperse. This due to the fact that magnetic semi-loops bound the electric semi-loops in a alpha-like formation. These formations in nature are known to be strong binding formations.and

every slight disturbance of the light bundle cause to disperse this high energetic wave stream formation.




Disturbance of light  bundle cause to disperse this high energetic wave stream

In the pictures above, we see how the energetic matter progresses with two swirls (blue – magnetic swirl, red – electric path – swirl).

In the pictures below, the energetic path disseminates energy matter from every part of its body. A magnetic swirl is only capable of maintaining the wave formation in a closed energetic formation.




Fig 7,8:

The following illustration shows that energetic matter movies within the energetic path paths not only disseminate energy, but readily unite with energy from other energetic paths and expand their space. This in turn, creates new wave formation with an even higher electric property.



Any disturbances from the light rays disperse the energetic matter from the energetic path, and when the rays pass through the double slit even more energy is dispersed and new energetic waves appear (quants} photons.

Moving energetic matter is always in a state of superposition, therefore, the release (disperse) of energetic matter causes the unite with the neighboring energetic matter. As a result, new wave formations are created (photons), so that the size of photons increases.


 A Familiarity with Young and Faraday's ingenious experiments is essential to understanding the behavior of energetic matter. Not only does Wave Theory explain these experiments, but they prove the veracity of Wave Theory.

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